Decanter Centrifuge Repair and Reconditioning


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We offer a range of centrifuge repair services to enhance the performance of your Decanter centrifuges. Depending on the nature of the service, work is performed either at our Chicago location or Houston service center.

We offer comprehensive reconditioning and repair services for decanter centrifuges. Furthermore, these services ensure that your centrifuges continue to deliver high efficiency and optimal performance.

To keep your equipment running in top operating condition, maintenance is essential. Take advantage of our expertise, by calling on our highly qualified service engineers to help troubleshoot maintenance issues on site or advise you at your facility. Gforce Machine is here for you around the clock, 7 days a week, to assist you with any emergency services that may arise. Our premier customer service staff will get you taken care of in a flash.

Decanter Centrifuge Repair

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Whether reconditioning or repairing equipment, you receive a comprehensive report from our qualified white glove service engineers. The report details service findings as well as recommendations on how to adjust equipment to suit current process or operating conditions, if required. In addition, You also get an overview of the equipment parts that most likely will require replacement at the next service interval. As a result, This gives you peace of mind and ensures more uptime and greater availability of your equipment.

Decanter Centrifuge Repair  / Disc Stack Separator Rebuilding- Rebuilding services available for the following manufacturers:

Alfa Laval, Bird, Baker-Perkins, Dorr-Oliver, Flottweg, Heinkel,  Hutchison-Hayes, Merco, Sharples, Tolhurst, Western States, Westfalia.

We are the experts in centrifuge repair, centrifuge rebuilds, as well as centrifuge maintenance.  Call on Gforce Machine when you need centrifuge service to get you back to production.


  • Complete disassembly of centrifuge
  • Cleaning of all parts and components
  • Media blast structural items
  • Measurement of all critical tolerances
  • Repair or replacement of all sub-standard parts
  • Re-balancing of rotating assembly components
  • Installation of spindle assembly with new bearings, seals and gaskets
  • Reassemble rotating assembly with all new hardware
  • Reinstallation rotating assembly into reconditioned machine frame
  • Perform four hour operational test run of completed centrifuge repairs
  • Test with machine control panel if also returned for component part and operating program updating
  • In-house centrifuge repair
  • Centrifuge rotating assembly, rebuild, repair, refurbishing and reconditioning
  • Centrifuge control panel component and operating program upgrades
  • Routine scheduling of annual maintenance available

For customers needing less expensive alternatives to purchasing a new centrifuge, Gforce Machine Company regularly has a stock of used, reconditioned and refurbished centrifuges available for purchase. Furthermore, Gforce Machine Company accepts trade-in machines and will purchase select used machines for future sale. In conclusion we would like to state that One, Two, or Three year Warranty options are available for all refurbished centrifuges.



If we can’t repair your part or find it, our skilled machinists can fabricate the part for you. Over the years we have fabricated thousands of hard to find replacement parts. We have had machines from companies that were built ver 70 years ago come into our shop in need of a part that literally does not exist anymore. We have successfully fabricated parts for them and brought the machine back to life literally as good as new. We replace any part and can fabricate any part that is hard to find or out of production. Our machinists are masters in their craft and our engineers are unparalleled. We can reverse engineer any part to the exact OEM specs.