Scrap Metal & Alloys

What Does Gforce
Machine Buy?

Gforce Machine is continuously on the lookout for a wide array of items that you may deem surplus to your requirements, obsolete, no longer of use, or even items you would classify as scrap. Our interest spans a diverse range of equipment and materials, especially those tied to industrial operations, manufacturing processes, or any sector looking to offload unused assets.
We understand that what may seem like an end-of-life product for one company can represent a valuable asset for another, and we are committed to facilitating that transition.

Comprehensive Procurement List

Our procurement interests include, but are not limited to, a variety of heavy industrial machinery and components that play crucial roles in various processes:

Heat Exchangers and Tube Bundles

Essential for transferring heat between two or more fluids, these are pivotal in energy conservation efforts in numerous industrial sectors.

Tanks, Reactors, and Vessels

From chemical reactors to storage tanks, these containers are vital for processing, mixing, and holding liquids and gases under controlled conditions.

Reformer and Furnace Tubes

Key components in the petrochemical industry, used in steam methane reforming and high-temperature processes.

Plate and Buss Bar

Thick sheets of metal and conductive bars used extensively in electrical distribution systems, underscoring our focus on components that facilitate energy flow.

Turbines and Turbine Parts

Critical for energy generation, we’re interested in parts that help harness the power of steam, gas, water, or wind.

Miscellaneous Process-Related Equipment

We are eager to explore anything related to your current or past processes, including machinery and parts that might no longer be in use.
Demolition and Rigging

Metals and Alloys of Interest

Gforce Machine is particularly interested in purchasing materials made from high-value metals and alloys, recognizing their significant worth and potential for reuse:


Known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for marine and chemical applications.


A superalloy well-suited for extreme environments, valued for its oxidation and corrosion-resistant properties.


An alloy that excels in resisting corrosion, particularly useful in the chemical processing industry.

Stainless Steel

Widely appreciated for its corrosion resistance and versatility, used across a multitude of industries.


Revered for its strength, low density, and high corrosion resistance, making it a prized material in aerospace, medical, and marine industries.


Known for its high melting point and resistance to chemicals, often used in electronics and medical devices.


Essential for electrical applications due to its excellent conductivity.


Used in alloys to improve strength and make them more conducive to welding and other processes.

At Gforce Machine, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless and efficient process for converting your surplus, obsolete, or scrap materials and machinery into value. Whether you’re in the process of upgrading your facilities, clearing out storage, or decommissioning old equipment, we offer competitive prices and handle logistics, making the sale as straightforward and beneficial for you as possible.

Explore the opportunity to unlock the value of your unused assets with Gforce Machine, where we transform what you consider end-of-life into new possibilities.

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