V Blender (Twin Shell Blender)

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Gforce Machine buys and sells Twin Shell Blenders, V Blenders, Double Cone Blenders and Crossflow Blenders. Many of these machines are produced by Patterson-Kelley, PK, Gemco, Jaygo, Crossley, Patterson, Lowe, and Paul O. Abbe.

The blending process involves the end-over-end tumbling of a blending chamber. Twin Shell Blenders, Double Cone Blenders, and Crossflow Blenders provide gentle, precise blending of one or several powders in order to create a blend of homogeneous consistency. These blenders can optionally have an intensifier bar set-up which can be used to break up any agglomerates in the material or introduce liquid additives or binders which may be beneficial for the process. Twin Shell Blenders, V Blenders and Double Cone Blenders can also be used for specialized drying applications with the addition of a heating, cooling and vacuum system. These systems are often called processors, vacuum dryers, or formulators.

GforceMachine buys surplus and used blenders, Patterson-Kelley Blenders, PK Blenders, Gemco Blenders, Paul O. Abbe Blenders, Cone Blenders, Double Cone Blenders, V Blenders, Twin Shell Blenders,etc.

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