Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Repair

With Gforce Machine Company, You can stop waiting around for repairs, we’ll come pick up and inspect your gearbox at no charge to you! We provide excellence in gearbox repair and service.

Gforce Machine Company is here to give you peace of mind. Every gearbox rebuild we perform passes our inspection, which includes a lengthy overheating and leaking test using Royal Purple testing oil. When everything checks out, we’ll ship it back with a 12 month warranty!

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email: [email protected]

Gforce Customer Service

Gforce Machine Company offers unbeatable customer care and industry leading service quality. We will fix your machine quickly with a quick turnaround time, especially if it is an emergency! In most cases, We can fabricate Rush orders within 24-36 hours.

Gearbox Repair
Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Repair

Gforce Machine Company is ISO certified, which means our engineers and technicians are experts when it comes to your equipment. In addition we stock all the vital spare parts you’ll ever need so that no matter what problem arises, they have solutions!

Your Gearbox is in great hands with us! We clean, inspect for issues and rebuild every gearbox component based on what the original equipment manufacturers recommend. Our qualified technicians replace all bearings as well as shims, gaskets and seals to OEM specifications.

We have many convenient locations across America, including Chicago—the midwest’s capital city! In addition we also operate out of Houston, Texas; The Shipping and Industrial Heart of the South.

GearBox Repair F.A.Q’s

Q1: Is Gforce Machine Company certified for gearbox repair?
A1: Yes, Gforce Machine Company is ISO certified, ensuring that their engineers and technicians are experts in equipment repair and maintenance.

Q2: What type of gearbox services does Gforce Machine provide?
A2: They offer comprehensive gearbox repair services, including cleaning, inspection, rebuilding of every component as per OEM recommendations, and replacement of all bearings, shims, gaskets, and seals to OEM specifications.

Q3: Does Gforce Machine have parts readily available for gearbox repairs?
A3: Yes, they stock all vital spare parts necessary for gearbox repairs, ensuring quick and efficient service.

Q4: Where are Gforce Machine’s service locations?
A4: Gforce Machine operates out of multiple convenient locations across America, including Chicago and Houston.

Other Services

Gforce Machine Company offers an Abundance of services for all rotational machinery.

Gforce Machine provides customers with NDT services and repairs such as welding, machining, and grinding. We also coat shafts and gear journals. Gforce Machine also performs professional failure analysis and fixes things that don’t work. We collaborate with brands such as FLENDER and Falk, as well as models such as MAAG and LUFKIN.

We also service VTP and Fan/Blower Gearboxes from a variety of brands and models, including PHILADELPHIA and DAVID BROWN.

Industrial Gearbox Repair
Sigma Mixer Repair & Double Arm Mixers
Decanter Centrifuge Repair

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